Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen App Reviews

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Fun and Easy to Use

It’s great and easy to use. My only problem is how hard it is to earn gold for challenges that require to make clothing items. It I’d have known I had to do that, I wouldn’t have spent so much on previous rounds to get better clothes for each challenge.

so cool



It’s fun just a bit confusing

Nice app

would be better if you could actually talk to people

Addicting too much

Ive been looking a game that you can design freely with a nice graphics, gladly i stumbled here heheheh love it too much..the game is so much fair and with a lot of map and event!


I like it is very addictive


Love it!!


I love this game

This game is a drug LOL

I love this game I can never get enough of it This is honestly the best game in the world

So far so good

Well, it's has a story line you can follow. Graphic is actually great!

I love this game

So idk why but I like these types of games sooo lol

This app is grate

All I have bone doing the past few day is playing it



Awesome game

So far it is great!


Just download it and see the magic❤️

I love it!!!!!

I practically begged my mom to let me have this game it was worth all the extra stuff I had to do around the house.

Loved it

Really fun one of a kind and a little addicting 😊


It’s a super fun game!😃


First, it took a long time to load, which I didn’t mind, but then it said it needed to update, so I updated it and that took even longer to do. When everything was done loading, the game crashed!! I reloaded it and it crashed again and again! Useless and a waist of space on your phone!!

Good but a little confusing

Cute! Good game. Pretty. A little hard to figure out what to do though

Pretty fun

Weirdly addicting

Good game!

I hope you have made more games!😸😸😸😸😸🙏🏻📲


I really love how I can easily choose my items and customize to my liking after introductions and how they teach u where things r in the prolugue

multiple load crashes.

Ai loves this game but the constant crashes and the many attemps to load up the game make it less fun. P.S. since the requirements for it only require a good ios; Im giving it this score because if you say its the phones foult? then give explisite reqs that for best performance use iphone 5 or better.

This the best

This the best game I ever played thanks for making it

Why is the cat so mean

I love it so much but the one thing I don't understand is why is that cat so mean?! lol


Fun game ! Love it!

So cute!

This game is so cute and fun to play!!

It’s well…

It is addicting and fun.It is hard to get the pieces you need and a add for lives that cost real money keeps popping up.I’m on the pj party section with the panda pajamas but I can’t get one of the pieces for the top from a previous level.because the extra life add I would recommend it to people who like a game with a story line.

Fun Stuff

Great Game fun to play! Not Enough time to play! I only just begun, I will leave more comments as I play ! 👍🏼💯

Love Nikki

Such a fun game!

Fix Time

Notification for free stamina is at the wrong times for my time zone.


Def. not the average game I play but still fun.

Very cute and addicting

I am so addicted to this game right now. The art and the gameplay are great!


This game is totally unique and so much fun. I've never played anything like it!

Great fun!

I am not usually into these type of games but this one takes the cake! It's fun and the outfits are easy to get!!

Middle Ground

I like this app, but like all the other games, there is stamina, gems that you have to buy with real money, etc. They keep saying “upgrade to tier one for so many privileges” but it gets annoying. I would recommend this app to people who love paying for their stuff and not for the people who just go with the freebies. Also, a lot of the events that it has, you can only do it once. Other than that, you can only dream of the outfits. Some levels require you to craft these certain dresses, tops, bottoms, etc. and it gets annoying when you always have to spend gems, and coins. Another problem is that there is too many types of currency. There is the diamonds, gold, association coins, crystal roses, starlight coins, crystal shoes, hourglasses, and jade. There is too many types of currency. The worst part is you can’t buy most of the currency. Unlike the diamonds where you can get benefits. A plus is that THERE ARE NO ADS. This is super good news for ad haters.


Addicting! Simply amazing

Great app

Great app love it



Kind of like fashion fantasy but it's fun

This app reminds me of fashion fantasy a lot but this app is amazing!

Great and fun

This game is the coolest game ever it is a wonderful that's really all I have to say. It's great.

Very well made

I have never gotten so addicted to a game so quickly like I have to this one. I can say it with the utmost sincerity, that I love this game!

Logging In

I constantly have issues with logging in and all the random updates honestly don’t make sense if the app still never works.

Love Nikki

I love this game


This game is very addictive

Love it

Love it so cute wish it was real


It took me a while to get the game but it's cute need more stuff to buy and win but cute


This game is very different from what I usually play. It’s been interesting and fun so far.

Such a great experience! Nice job guys!

This game is in my top 3 favorites! It’s beautifully drawn, the gameplay is simple, fun and challenging. I love collecting games and this gives you tons of outfit options and mini collection challenges. The story is cute too! Beyond that, there are purchasing options but they aren’t a necessary part of progressing. Of course, it’s so well made that I’m totally happy paying because the game makers deserve to be compensated for their hard work! Thank you! As for potential improvements, having the ability to make personal sorting categories would be awesome. But the in-game sorting is also helpful.

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