Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen App Reviews

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I love it

It’s funny and you don’t need to spend that much money like other Fashion games

The best game in the world

I use to hate girly stuff but when I got this game it changes everything and this game is even better than fortniet like wow 😍I love love Nikki !!!!

Good game

Love game

Great app

Not only do you get a ton of choices to dress people, but it also gives you a storyline and challenges.

Simply Awesome

The game is fun and great for future designers.

Why are some items in different stage

Why are most of the items in a different stage


So far it’s fun.


Hey I wanted to ask , is the girl that voiced Bobo Christina Vee ? I think it’s her ! She sounds like Marinette, a character that Christina Voiced

iPhone X

Can you do an update where I could play this on iPhone X? It’s very hard...

Awesome! But....

I LOVE this game. But one thing is that all the beautiful and cute clothes you have to pay for. Event clothes are awesome, but only have, in my opinion, a short amount of time. Maybe we can get those clothes as we level up. Thank you for reading my suggestion.

Never again...

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

Nice job!

I really enjoy this game, for I really like dress up/ fashion games like this one. Great game! 🐱💁‍♀️👗

Nice game

Was recommended to me by someone else and I actually like it now.

Grate game but a few things I would fix

I got as many people know Love Nikki and I’m in love with the game. I love the knee update where you don’t have to chose a close tad to search for a pice of thing I do not like is that the events seem to be getting shorter and more expensive. I know you need money but really. As a player that dose not spend any money this makes the events a little difficult. I would also like it if you make the events a tad bit longer. The best thing about the game is that you really do not need to spend any money. I would recommend this game to anybody. It has a great story line and is like a rpg game but it is all replaced with close. This game has taken something that I see over and over again and turned it into something original. 😀💐If you made it to the end then have a nice day.💐😀

This Game is Awesome

I love this game! It helps get me one step closer to becoming a designer when I grow up! Thanks for making such a great game!

Super fun!

I really like this game, me and my friends play it all the time during lunch at school. But there is a bug. If you try to share something through saving it to your camera role, it doesn’t register as shared. It’ll only register as shared if you share it to FaceBook, and I’m not sure my mums friends want to see my games... other than that, great game!❤️❤️

it’s so good!

i love this game a lot!!

Love Nikki Dress-Up Queen

I love the game. It’s so fun and it’s powerful when people can dress-up an avatar. That’s all I have to say. Bai!!

Prettyyy cool

The fame is nice and fun, but I want more outfits lol if you don’t mind


Love the app it’s fun and fashionable!!!!

Amazing game!

I love this game when I saw the ad, and I still love it, but the problem is that when I log it in one account, I can’t change the account say that I logged in before would you like to continue. I want to change a account and delete the app and then reinstall again pls let me back on my account! Im at a really high level I need my account backing. Love Nikki I hope you can do something about this. Thank you


This game is really cute-the clothes are pretty and I love the art :)



Game of my Life

I play this everyday because it’s so addicting!!


i liked it very much


I love this game so much! I just wish the prices would drop down a bit. Overall a wonderful game to play if you like fashion!

Glitch or Reset?

I logged on and all of my outfits/items , friends, and home stuff was gone! Idk if the game was reset or if this game glitched...

Yay. :3

Love love this game. It is a beautiful and full and silly game. I only request one thing. Can their be an option to mark a friend as a best friend? That way whenever you go to check your friends list ;and you have a friend with less cloths; you can see them at the top of the list instead of scrolling all the way down every time.

Great game

Great game at first it’s hard to understand some of the stuff but you’ll get it

Great game

I’m addicted to this game


It’s really good the grafics are nice and I love dressing her up and reading the story line but there’s one slight problem I have a iPad and I feel like the game was made for iPhones but aside that the game is really good

Where is the s drops

I like this game but I never get any s drops when I get s

A little problem

When I bought a face (costed 48 gems) I thought it would match my character’s skin tone (I’m mixed), but it did not. Can you fix this?🙁😡

I don’t even write reviews, but this is worth it.

Golly God, I love this game. I love, love, love it. I really thought it was going to be like every other dress up game, without any real aim and with this repetitive, boring closet—NO. The story is crazy good, the outfits are gorgeous, and best of all, it’s not pay-to-win! I’m V5 now, level 48, and I paid because I LOVE this game and I wanted to support them! I don’t really have any gripes, as the way the game’s currency system works is fair and convenient. Overall, if you’re looking for a dress up game that deviates from the others and you’re up for a challenge, here’s where you get it.

It doesn’t want to load

Every time I’ve tried to load my game the last couple weeks it won’t load

I was playing and got pretty far, when all my data was erased.

I had completed so many things and even got so things from one time events 😕 but super fun addictive game.

So addictive!

I was scrolling down in instagram and i found an ad about Love Nikki. I decided to try it. Long story short, ive been playong this game for 5 months!!!

I liked it till....

I downloaded this app a few days ago, i had already gotten on section 3 and when I updated it it started me all over again!

Nice Game

Reallöhne cool and awsome


Hello reader! I think Love Nikki is an amazing game to play if youre into this type of game! Expect I just want it more like common to earn gems and and stuff? :) and making some things in the store cheaper ya know? And I absolutely love the deals! $1 for like 35000 coins? Worth it, and I want like the deals able to buy with like 50 gems or something? Anyway, thanks for reading my review! :)

Played this ages ago

Glad there are free items to start off better.


Seems like a good game but kinda similar to a lot of other dress up games #nohateilikethisgame


Download this now!

Amazing game

This game is so addictive. I love fashion combined with competition!!! 😍👑👗

Best game ever!

I’m in love with this game! The best I’ve ever played. Some of the levels are hard but it’s still an amazing game. Never played anything better!!!


I love the app

Neva chibi problem

I love this game so much but I’m upset because there was this event to collect all of the neva furniture and I have spent so many diamonds to collect every single furniture and I did collected all of it and I was supposed to receive a neva chibi but I never did. I really wish I can get your attention and to please give me the chibi.


I love this app the only problem is the crafting but other than that you should totally get this app🙂🙂🙂🙂

Loving love Nikki


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