Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen App Reviews

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Loves it

Best app ever!

The ads for this game made it seem not fun, but after playing it i instantly fell in love! The only thing i could think of negative would be that crafting is somewhat confusing and difficult but other than that it is amazing. I’m addicted and I love it

3 words: best game ever



Highly addictive and fun!

Love Nikki

I love Love Nikki because the characters are so cute and the levels get more harder every time.


Wud play

fun dress up game

great game love it!!

Really fun!

I’d recommend this game to people. It’s really fun to style up a character and get judged off it. Fun game!

The Best Game Ever

It's the best game that I really have so much fun whenever I play! I recommend it to all. If you want to spend your time happily just download and play Love Nikki Dress Up Queen!


I love


I absolutely love this game

I love this game so much there is only one way to describe it.

This game is the most amazingly awesome and super cool game ever!

Best fashion game ever!!!!!

Love Nikki is like no other fashion game I’ve ever played there’s a story and a meaning to the game you aren’t just battling you get to go on a adventure and your always winning gifts! I haven’t had to buy a ting off Nikki yet I “Love Nikki”


THIS APP IS AWESOME!!! I love it so much. I play at least 2 hours a day. I’m only level 13 but it’s so fun! I love getting to meet new people in my association group! Keep up the good work!


Well I got this app because it looked really fun but this game won't even let me past the story line part and so every time a click it for the next part the app completely cuts off and I am so frustrated right now so I hope the app will fix itself but so far it is a 2 star review hopefully it gets better😤


I love this game it’s so cute and it’s also giving me ideas no I can know how to dress more better

I love this game

Incredibly cute and it doesnt push in app purchases

The most beautiful game you’ll play!

This is the most beautiful game I’ve played, ever. I recommend it (specially) if you are an ipad/tablet user, since it’s filled with tiny little text, hard to read on a phone. It’s quite addicting too, so be warned. Rating it 4 stars because the game is quite heavy for a mobile app.

Love Nikki 🌸

This game cute and strange enough to keep me interested!

Love it tots 😇😇😇😇

Hello I really love this game and I think it deserves a 5 star rate and I hope u appreciate this comment bye for now

Very good


Pretty interesting and addictive

I can relax well with this game and it’s fun exploring different options.

Love the game but...

I absolutely love the game and am addicted to it. However I have difficulties with purchases. I have wasted twice as much money as I should have just trying to get the 5.99 deal. Please help

This app deserves awards

Love Nikki is unlike any other dress up game on the market. It is story based but you can ignore the story and just craft for fun without missing out on any important details (though I would totally pay attention because the storyline is pretty crazy. I mean what WAS that last chapter even omg.) Also the music is like.... way too good for a phone game! And the clothing options are unlimited. The sound / visual designers working at Love Nikki are stupid talented and so dedicated to their art form. I love this game and I won’t be leaving for a long time. Thank you for making such a great little world!!


One of my favorite games

Great game!

This game is so good I recommend it to almost everybody

I love this game

It’s so fun to play when I’m bored and don’t have any other things to do.

Neat game



Pretty fun very addicting


I like the story so far. i especially like the fact that it doesn’t force you to buy money or diamonds in order to win, winning in game will actually pay out very well in money and diamonds 👍


This game is great.

A good game but...

They want you to costuming but sometimes it can take u days to get to next level BC of that, but it’s a good game nonetheless


This game is awesome. I highly recommend this for people who are in love with clothes!

Skin and Facebook issue

I really really enjoy this game a lot but two things I really dislike about this game are the problems with choose a complexion and signing in with Facebook. About the skin issue I really hate how the app shows a picture that says “choose your complexion” but when you get into the game you can choose another skin color but most of the super gorgeous faces are white and you can’t change it. I don’t wanna have my character with brown skin and a white face it just isn’t right. Not to mention super amazing event outfits that can only be white makes me sad too. I wanna be able to have my character wear super extravagant outfits without her skin being another color. If you could fix this issue that would be great. Now with the problem with signing in on Facebook is that I don’t have an account and after the crap the Mark Zuckerberg pulled with stealing personal info there’s definitely no way I’m gonna get the app now. It would be much much easier if we could sign in with our instagram account or google. Most others games do it and it’s so much easier. So if you could also fix that it would be Awesome.

So Cute!

The update is great there’s no more Glitching and stuff like that ;so yeah it’s really good game. I love it. the best game that my little cousin has ever played so yeah it’s really good I recommend getting it.


It’s really a cool game. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t think the graphics was going to be good, but it’s actually really good. It’s a really fun game

Love the Game!!!

This game is so much fun I love everything about it from the store to the challenges to making the clothes!!For anyone considering the game GET IT!

I recommend this

This is a really good app if you like stories about fashion. I think the way it looks to is another thumbs up for me. I deeply recommend this app to people who love fashion and bright colors!


Actually a fun dress up game that doesn’t make me feel like I’m 5 years old! Soooo many clothing options and this game is ACTUALLY free. Like you can pay for stuff but it’s really a choice because you can still win without spending real money! Got all my girlfriends into it lol

Love it! But........

I’m obsessed with this game🤗🤗 it’s sooo much fun!! The only thing I hate about this game is when you get to the pajama party! You might not be able to buy the stuff you need in the store. So then it’s a thing where you have to buy a chance card! It’s drives me crazy!! (When I said buy I meant with the coins.) Well thank you for a good game!!🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😁😁😆😄😋😜🤪😛😉😌☺️😊😆😃😀😄😁🙃🙃🙃

Love this!

This game is fun and attractive. The look is great. I can be frustrating in some parts, but I still give it a 5 star review. 😁

Cute game

This game is a cute game for all ages of girls (or boys if girly girl) I rate this 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. 😝


I just got this game, saw that it was done downloading, I click it, I see the loading page.. It's on that page for a minute and then it glitches out.

I love this game but…

I’ve been playing for over half a year now and enjoy seeing all the outfits. However I find it disturbing how the skin tones are under the term 'Accessories'. I should not have to tell you that skin is not an accessory like a handbag. The creepiest is how the skin tones do not match most of the makeup options. For example, you can choose a darker skin tone but most of the makeup will give her a pale face that the skin tone does not match the rest of the body.

Love this app

I love this app because it just has so many great styles and I love all of them :)

Pretty good

Fun when your bored and need something to do

Great game!

This game is so addicting! It does not require any money to have fun and you have so many opportunities to gain gems and coins. I love all of the cute characters and the interesting plot! I highly suggest you play Love Nikki!

Great game

I love this game, but my problem is I don’t have a FB account so I can’t do some of the things the app provides

Didn’t think I’d like it...

I did not think I would like this game, but I am actually becoming quickly addicted!


I am not a dress up girl but this game is awesome it’s for all types of people and I love that you can make friends and play with people I rate this game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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