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By Maga

Awesome game!




YUS I had an addiction of amino but now that I found Love Nikki I can't stay off I love that you don't have to pay REAL MONEY for clothes . And that there is different types of clothing

Good but needs work

I really like the game and the idea behind it. But the clothes don't load and the download pre outfits doesn't work.

Love it!!!

This game is so addicting I literally play this everyday after work even though I'm so tired!!!!!!


Love this game absolutely addictive!

Great game

A great game for those who like fashion and anime styling. I'm having a bit of a hard time with getting all the clothes to load all the time. New clothes, and in game currency are pretty easy to come by, so it doesn't get boring

I love this game but I can't play

I love this game but for some reason I can't download the update? It keeps saying download failed. I know there's enough memory on my phone, I'm connected to a wifi network I've tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it thinking it might help but I've had no such luck. I really want to play the game!


I love this game even though I just got it

Fun app, horrible customer service

I made an in game purchase for $1.99. My bank was charged $6.98. I contacted a dm and was told to supply a screen shot of the purchase history. I informed them that my iOS has changed and it wasn’t in the same spot anymore and that I wasn’t sure where to find it. Their response was “you can google it.” That is extremely rude. I told them that google didn’t give me the right answer and that I had already tried them. I told them it was on my bank statement so they requested that. I posted it to them and they stopped responding.


This is an amazing game the graphics are nice and most of the cloths don't stick out way better than most dress up games

I love it but.......

IT ISN'T WORKING!!!!!!!!!! Ok so I love this game and I play it everyday but today I'm about to play it and then I can't find it so I go to the App Store to see if it is really deleted and guess what!!!!! IT IS!!!!!!!!!! So I'm really sad/angry/confused and so then I download it and then it NEVER LOADS!!!!!!!!! So now I'm scared if I'll ever play it again😢😰

This game is amazing but....

This game is simply amazing and I am addicted I was so addicted that I decided to buy one of the sets for 10.00. I was so excited but it ends up that I haven't got it and it's been about a day. So hopefully I get if I don't then....

Love it

So much fun



Love it!!

I'm really loving the game I like the plot ( I saw this as an add and thought it might just be a boring dress up game but it has a lot more to it ) and I haven't been playing it for that long but I will diffidently be playing more


Fun and cute

love Love LOVEEEE

Seriously this game is perfect. The storyline is so cute and still interesting and the clothes are actually cute as well. You don't have to spend tons of money just to play. You can actually just play the game and earn everything you need so you won't HAVE to buy anything unless u really want to. I hope it doesn't change other than add on's to the storyline.


This a great fashion game with a story



Fabulous! Fantastic! Fierce!

This reminds me of the Kardashian game but better actually fun to play and way cuter. It's like Long Live the Queen or Princess Maker but with fashion. This is my new favorite mobile game. I even recommended it to a few friends. It's managed to entertain, doesn't bombarding me with ads every 2 minutes or cut me off after 5 missions. It has a ton of content that's free or achievable through game play. All this makes it far more likely for me to want to support the devs by spending a little money.

Love it!!!

Great fun game


Great game! Loving it!

I love it 😍

This is a really fun game. You get to dress up peps and it's pretty fun


It's seems pretty cute and neat lol I like that it talks and has a story line to go with it even if it is a bit weird ☺️


Just started so can't say much about it. Seem a little confusing. And is not just style and dress up fun. A lot of other unnecessary stuff to do just to have fun dressing up.


Loving all the free stuff possible for grabs!!!

Wonderful game

It is a fun game with a cute storyline and, amazing clothes. But I don't like how once you have played a amount of levels you can't play more till the next day. Also when I have bought a certain amount of gold I would have to pay to get more. Also I 😍 stylist arena but have a limited amount of times I can do it. I really love the game and the characters but the limited amount thing feels unfair.


I'll be honest I didn't know if Love Nikki would actually a fun game. However after just a day I'm already addicted!

Kinda slow

Slow to begin. Makes you write a review


This is a fun anime style dress up game


This game has become so addictive that it has become a part of my daily routine.


''Tis good game.


very fun game with a lot of strategy involved

Stylist's Adventure!

Incredible and fun!


This a cool and addicting game.

Very sweet Game

I'm addicted, it's very enjoyable and always have something new going on!

The best

Simply the best. I'm addicted

Good stuff

Not a bad game


Soo addicting and fun, every character is so beautiful and the clothes are drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Very addicting and cool

Great game!

This is my favorite game out of all the games ive played

Surprisingly fun!

I wasn't expecting much from this game but the story line is actually interesting and the 'dress up' is actually quite fun! And there's so many outfits you'll never get tired of the same look.

Super cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cute and addicting




Cute! xo

Best dress up game ever!

I've searched a long time for a dress up game that wasn't for little 3-year-olds. This is the one! Not only does it resemble "日本のスタイル", it has a great storyline and an awesome community! Not only that, it doesn't force you to spend money!!!! It waits patiently until you want to spend it and not force it on you like most apps. I think this is a WAY better marketing scheme. Anyways, 5/5 stars! (ノ・ω・)ノ☆☆☆☆☆


This game is actually addictive. I play it every day and I love it.



Kelly Eden

I never knew about this game until I watched Kelly Eden playing it, and I love this game so much. I am glad I randomly came upon that video!

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