Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen App Reviews

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A fun engaging game!

It’s fun to play to waste time and is very addictive. I haven’t had to do any in-game purchases either so it is not a “pay to win” game! Great and wonderful free game for fashion lovers!


Love this game. Not to hard to earn coins or diamonds and the game is really fun

This game is perfect. ‘Nuff said.

This game is so great


Like it so far

Actually Addictive

You first don’t know how addicted you’ll be. But the effort they put into this game definitely shows and is very intricate. Lovely graphics too.

Beautiful game

It's a really beautiful and smart game and I love the fashion it's very pretty


I loveeeee this app so much it’s like the best

Omg II love this app

Im so amazed of what you guys have created!!

This game is so addicting

I have had this game for only about 2 days and already I can’t put my phone down. I would recommend it to anyone anytime.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😁😁😁😁😁😁😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

It doesn't load

It can't load to go to the game. I really want to play but it shuts down after showing the logo

Love in the game!!!!!!

I really love the game, but there is one concern about it. When you do the sale, I know that you lowered the price, but what I am saying is that I don't really like to pay in games. I mean, some people don't like to pay but still like the game, like me. So..., anyways it is a really good game. The quests are really good and I like when you name it 'chapters'. Nikki and Bobo and etc. are so cute!!!! I would highly recommend it for the game. XOXO


This is a beautiful experience, please try it for yourself!




I love this app, however, I want it so we can get 1000M coins a day, poor people that redownload and can not find the app will be very sad because they just want more coins without paying, thanks so much!!

It’s a game that’s worth a try

I’ve had lots of advertisements on Facebook about this game and I thought, “You know what? I’ll give it a try.” So I downloaded it and it was fun. Although, for some reason, it won’t load chapter three. I hope something fixes that pretty soon. But other than that, it’s the most cutest and fun game to play. :3


Just started playing but I’m intrigued so far



Cute and fun game. I like it.

It’s an adorable and cute game that uses my creative side

Surprisingly addictive and fun

I downloaded when I was sick and stuck at home cause I thought I’d just waste a few hours on it and then delete it. It’s been a week and honestly, I’m obsessed


Yassssssssssssssssssssssssssss get this game

Fun fun😄

Lots of I wish I had her clothing.

Fun, but..

This is a really fun app, no doubt about it. But it’s almost impossible to enjoy to it’s full potential without making ingame purchases. They have incredibly poor customer service and fail to honor your purchases should there be any bugs with them. The whole idea of dressing up cute is kind of thrown out the window and replaced with trying to meet all the requirements each stage/story has. The app has just as many pros as it does cons.


With new designs each and every day I can't help but to pick up my phone and the first app that I open is this game!! :3


Love it it is so awesome and very very cute I love it

good game

A fun and super cute game to play! Only thing that gets to me is Momo’s tips or suggestions, on how to get even more points for the dress up. Momo does suggest some weird and unfitting combination of clothes together.


It’s a great game

Best game ever so far!

I love how its not super hard to earn clothing, coins, and diamonds!

don’t waist your money 💵

the game advertisements says that you are your own creator and you can make a bunch of styles, and you can, but they are not relevant in the game. you basically use the games Suggestions just so you are able to pass a level. another thing that nobody is talking about is once you reach a certain level for the compilation, they don’t give you people that are in your range anymore, instead they give you people who are way farther in the game who you have no chance against. there are also way to many currency options and some of them u have to pay a lot of actual money for to continue in the game. another thing would be that when there are themes throughout the levels, the one that goes the best with the should win right, wrong it’s the one with the most points. with all of these reasons to hate the game there comes more as you get farther in the game. you should like a game because it is fun and sometimes actually enjoyable, you shouldn’t be annoyed at a game constantly, so please, save your time, money, and sanity!!!!

Love it

I play this with my daughter she has a blast!


Its an awesome game i love the outfits.

An Amazing Game

I like this game because it challenges your creativity in unique ways. Also I have never seen anything like this anywhere else. If you love dress up and are looking for something unique, add-free, creative, and fun for all ages I would totally recommend this game. Spend your money wisely and become the Dress Up Queen. Hope you enjoy it.


This game is very fun but it can be confusing at the same time but after awhile I got the hang of it

It is adorable

I love how everything in here is so detailed. The game it self is amazing!

Love this game!



A wonderful game that’s great for all ages!

Love it

It’s great, and very addictive!

This app is crap

I love the idea of dressing up cute anime characters and then getting them judged. Well it's too bad that when I truer to download the app TWICE it would tell me to get free coins while I wait and pressing a little button. So it would load and I would say "yay it's ready" . But nope it said it had to load again or something like that. Now I find this ridiculous I waited like about, I don't know about ten minutes. Which I know sounds not long at all but I think that the games should have loaded by then. I think that if you are inpatient you should for sure not I repeat NOT download this app. Good day to you sir

Best app

Love it ✌🏿💄


love this game


This game is fun and addictive. I love that they make it possible to have a rewarding experience for free, without forcing you to make in game purchases.


So far so good.

good game

it’s a good game even though it kinda gets annoying when it pushes products into your face, but it’s still very good


Cute game

A super fun game

I never really write reviews but I will say that this game is a lot of fun and well put together I would suggest it to my friends who are bored at work lol

It’s good

It’s pretty good however there are times when you might have to grind for coins in order to buy clothes to win a level.

Love it!

This a great game don't get me wrong, I love the outfits and setup. But, I have found one problem. Every time Want to play it says it is updating every time. It gets in the 90s an then starts over again. Please fix this and I will give your game 5 stars. Thanks!!!!😊😊😊


Very cute game

Very Nice Game!

I really love this game! It’s very fun to play

Great Game

It’s so cute and so are the clothes


I love this game a lot. Best fashion game I’ve ever played. But one thing that doesn’t make any sense, the friend finder/scroll list. I was cleaning my list, and was at the bottom (90) and for some reason it went to the first person whom I liked and then removed that person. I can’t find them anywhere and o absolutely hate the search engine. I know their ingame name but not their stupid ID. I don’t think anyone knows anyone’s ID, so if they get lost, they’ll never be found. Other than that, game is 90% worth getting. The friend thing takes 10 away :)

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